Powerful partnership between Grundfos and World Vision achieves major milestone, bringing water to millions

FIVE International Days about Poverty and ONE World Vision Solution

THRIVING on Poultry

Their Hope is THRIVING

Celebrating International Day of the Girl on October 11

Visually Impaired, But Not in Despair

Hunger: The devastating fallout from COVID-19

The Power of Partnership

Water Critical to COVID Response in Mwala

Hope for Honduras

COVID-19: Safe At Home

Nothing Will Stop Me

Helping the Church be the Church

World Vision Lifts Up a Businesswoman

'Hope' Child Forum Teaches Community about Coronavirus—Ayesha is a Hidden Hero

COVID-19 Aftershocks - Economic tsunami hits the poorest

New Hope as Coronavirus Storm Lingers

Coronavirus Makes it a Double-Edged Sword

So much to cry about these days

‘Miracle Borehole’ Saves Lives

Changing Hearts

Meet Sean Kerrigan

THRIVE Changed Everything

Sahinoor Helps Protect Neighbors from Coronavirus

A Teachers Transformation

Water Integration Enables Girls to Stay in School

World Refugee Day: When life is upended

Farming a New Way

Rumi Becomes a Coronavirus Hidden Hero

The Sound of Hope

A Voice For Children

Gabriella's Happiness

United, We Can Do More

What Every Mother Wants

For Micro-finance Lenders, Covid-19 Is An Existential Threat

Screaming for Help

Thriving and Dreaming Big

A useful way to think about disaster risk in a time of Covid-19

Links to Articles - How Covid-19 is Affecting Those Living in Extreme Poverty

It Takes A Household Cluster to Bring Clean Water

A Healthy Baby Born HIV-Free

What if we didn’t have clean water or soap to wash our hands?

‘Saving’ Her Future

My Sister is Missing

Water Tap Transforms Lambert’s Life

Amena Finds a Safe Place to Grow

A cup of cold water

From Vision to Reality: Visionaries surrender something great to receive something greater

Clean water brings hope and dignity

Hanging On To Her Dream

Training Helps Couple Rebuild Their Love

Clean Water Motivates Nancy

Community Engagement Brings Clean Water

Producing Hope

Empowering Women to THRIVE

Clean Water At A Minutes Walk

Clean Water Eases Cassava Production

New $40 Million Investment for World Vision's Water Program!

Transforming a Village—One Latrine at a Time

A Safe Haven for Children in Conflict

A Walk For Clean Water Transforms Life

The Driving Force of Knowledge

Zero Tolerance for FGM

Chief On A Mission To Restore Broken Relationships

From Tenant to Owner

The Well of Hope

Transforming Lives in Rukore

Restoring Hope and Sight

A Savings Group Saves the Day

Free to Blossom

A Mother’s Change of Heart

A Wealth of Knowledge

The Best Christmas gift

Safe Delivery at Last

Achieving the Impossible

A New Way To Harvest

As Safe as a Girl Who Plays Football

Love Drives to Care

Green Light

Girl Power Groups Prevent Trafficking

More Than Clean Water

An Electrifying Tale of Transformation

Training Improves Children's Ministry

Babsa's Cause

Murshida Lives Life Fully

Faith Leaders Target Hygiene

The Quiet Heroes of Nyakabale

Water, The Joy of Life

Better and Better Every Day

World Changer Profile: Ashima Mehta

Successful 5,000 Bibles Challenge

God hears their cries

World Changer Profile: Sandra Drury

Empowering kids with choices

World Changer Profile: Cyndi and Mark Bluhm

World Changer Profile: Glenn and Carole Daves

World Changer Profile: Joe and Amy Wu

World Vision Launches Chosen, Ushers in a New Era of Child Sponsorship

International Literacy Day: Recognizing the Critical Role of Reading

Ethiopia-WATER: Manual Drilling Eases Tringo's Burden

Enhancing Character

Thirst Quenching; Water and Spiritual Nourishment For Children

Two Sides of a Canal

This is Not a Place for Children

Grasping At Straws

Village Savings Provide Nutritional Lessons

Venezuela's Crisis

Against All Odds - Kathryn’s Story

Small and Growing Businesses (SGBs): Driving economies through the ‘missing middle’

Innovative solutions improve refugees' lives

The Rise of Daniel

Sylvester’s Dream of New Shoes

A Teacher's Love

Childhood Restored

One Liter of Water

That moment when you realize your child’s life will be better than yours.  A happy mother’s day.

World Changer Profile:  Carl and Carol Wall

Gender Equality Restores a Family

World Changer Profile:  Ed and Sherri Torres

We Have Everything

Farmers save their land by re-growing trees

An “acronym soup” that empowers moms and saves lives?

Cyclone Idai - Celina's story

The Joy in Child Spacing

Cultivating Our Dreams

World Water Day: How World Vision is responding

Bringing Clean Water to All

A Woman of Economic Influence

Mukkuli is a Shining Example

Carrying Home Clean Water

What's "right" with this picture?

The Promised Land

Girl Power Stops a Child Marriage

A Passion For Farming

Water Restores Hope

Filled With Hope

World Vision helps end harmful traditions

Freed from forced marriage, Sabina helps others

World Changer Profile:  Linda and Barry Rowan

Restoring their dreams

God showed up: My first Vision Trip to Bangladesh

A Journey to Success

Finishing the job in Rwanda

Five ways we help children experience the love of God

Grandfather lives his dream

A Changed Mind, Heart and Pocket

Building the next Christian generation

14th Annual Strong Women Strong World event wrap-up

Dignity Restored

The Tiny Pioneer

A Light of Hope: The Loveness Story

Trained mom helps others avoid danger

World Changer Profile: Anne Robblee

Pray with us to end violence against children

A call to serve

A borehole helps reduce calamities

Youth gain leadership skills and confidence in ministry

God created us. He can mend us.

'Together, we are part of something big'

Raising up young leaders for Christ

International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

International Day of the Girl Child

World Vision's 'forest-maker' wins prestigious international award

Big Gifts, Exponential Impact: How major donors are eliminating extreme poverty with World Vision

World Changer Profile:  David Grizzle

World Changer Profile:  Sherree and Jim Funk

Lesotho Pastor using Empowered Worldview receives Commonwealth award from Queen Elizabeth

Richard Stearns: 'Every Day is a Celebration'

From embarrassment to celebration in Malawi: Sanitary rooms help keep girls in school

World Humanitarian Day:  An aid worker’s diary from a refugee camp

World Changer Profile:  Lyné Brown and Pat Williams

World Changer Profile:  April and Kevin Sproles

Ending second generation trafficking in the red-light district of West Bengal, India. One girl at a time.

To end child trafficking, tackle violence

Senegal Microfinance Update

FMNR - Moving forward in Africa

With FMNR, farmers learn to get into the shade

World Changer Profile: Jen and Eric Wolford

World Changer Profile: Sandy and Bob Hoover

World Changer Profile: Beth and Dennis Weibling

World Changer Profile: Gail Flander Jones and Olin Jones

World Refugee Day: Bringing hope to the world's hardest places

Partnership with Grundfos to bring innovation to sustainable water solutions

Better Father. Better Partner. Better Life.

Isaiah's Story

World Vision U.S. names Edgar Sandoval as new President

World Changer Profile: Robin and Stu Phillips

World Changer Profile: Julie Razwick

World Changer Profile: Lila and John Trull

World Changer Profile: Sandy and Jeff Grubb

Moving from dependence to dignity in Tanzania

P&G and World Vision celebrate a decade of working together to save lives through clean water

World Vision participates in panel discussion about breaking gender barriers

World Changer Profile: Sherrie Woodring

Rich Stearns chosen as 2018 Recipient of InterAction Outstanding Leadership Award

Ending preventable suffering and death for moms and their babies

Rwanda: Finishing the job

World Changer Profile: Mary and Vic Jury

World Changer Profile: Carla and Dave Hillard

World Changer Profile: Michelle Brouhard