Every family deserves the chance to thrive.

World Vision is committed to helping end extreme poverty everywhere we work.

We work alongside people living on less than $2.15 per day and offer a set of proven tools that inspire and equip the heart, the mind, and the pocket.
It’s working. When people see themselves as God sees them and gain access to new information, knowledge, and tools – they can and do begin to thrive.

2030 GOAL

Equip everyone, everywhere we work in 11 countries – at least 10 million* people - with access to the tools they need to lift themselves out of extreme poverty.

*Reach will require additional support from other sources such as public grants, gifts-in-kind, field offices, and other funding sources.

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The need

Although progress has been made in reducing extreme poverty in the last 40 years, millions of people still live on less than $2.15 per day per person.

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  • After generations of poverty, many people have developed mindsets of dependency and despondency that prevent them from breaking the cycle.

  • The vast majority of the extreme poor live in rural areas and are made up of smallholder farmers and small business owners trying to eke out a living without access to tools that can help them lift their families out of poverty.

  • Children living in extreme poverty suffer most because their parents often can’t afford to feed them more than one small meal a day, much less support their education.
Economic Empowerment

Our response

Our THRIVE approach includes four sequential components that are proven to improve incomes, resilience, and food security.
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  • Biblical Empowered Worldview Training - Knowing that lasting change begins in the heart and mind, we teach a powerful scripture-based view of identity, responsibility, and accountability through which participants build confidence and shift mindsets from dependence to agency.
  • Savings Groups - To put this agency into action, we help organize savings groups where participants increase their knowledge of financial basics and disciplines. They save and lend money together which builds community and increases momentum.

  • Market Knowledge and Access - To help move small farms and businesses to profitability, participants gain access to business training, farming guidance, vital market information, digital tools, coaching, and support.

  • Lending to Savings Groups - Once savings groups are mature, we offer them loans through VisionFund to improve or expand their farms and small businesses.

Our impact

In seven years (2016 – 2022), World Vision empowered 5.9 million people with improved and resilient livelihoods. By 2030, we plan to equip everyone everywhere we work in 11 countries – at least 10 million people - with access to the tools they need to lift themselves out of extreme poverty.
An independent study of our THRIVE approach in Tanzania revealed game-changing results. “I have to say that World Vision is leading its peers—very much at the forefront—of applying this type of rigor to their programs. Others don’t do this type of rigorous study and miss the impact and evidence needed.” — Bruce Ravesloot, Vice President, TANGO International
With your partnership, see the impact we’re making:
1.2M people reached

In 2023, the first full year of our 2030 plan, we have already reached 1,253,408 people - 159% of our target for the year.

In 2023, we reached more than 100% of our six main goals for the year: Biblical Empowered Worldview Training, Savings Groups, Cumulative Savings by Savings Groups, Market Knowledge and Access Training, Loans to Savings Groups, and Loans Disbursed to Savings Groups.
$1.2 million in loans

Our microfinance subsidiary, VisionFund, made $1.2 million in loans in fiscal year 2023 globally and 7 out of 10 clients were female.

Economic Empowerment Our Impact

Video gallery

See the people and places whose lives are being transformed in the name of Jesus Christ. Watch videos to learn more about our work.

Our partners

We are blessed to partner with hundreds of Christian philanthropists and couldn’t do this work without them. And we’re able to reach more people because of our highly collaborative local and global partnerships within private and public sectors.


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Robin Phillips

Robin Phillips

donor partner, Michigan

“We met a Rwandan woman farmer...she said, 'I thank God, World Vision, and this project because with what I have been taught, and what I know now, I am not in poverty anymore, … and I will never go back!”

Sandy Hoover

Sandy Hoover

donor partner, South Dakota (with her husband Bob)

“I think one of the things that really touched us was these people. They don't want a handout. They want to be able to work for what they have. We believe in a hand up not a handout.”