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From Vision to Reality: Visionaries surrender something great to receive something greater

Written by Heather Klinger on Mar 25, 2020 7:06:25 PM


Visionaries are all around you. They dream of a world in which every child has clean water to drink and nutritious food to eat, and whose family has escaped the throes of extreme poverty.

Visionaries answer God’s call to take care of the orphan and the widow—“the least of these brothers and sisters of mine.” They courageously show the love of Jesus to a hurting world and invite their family and friends to walk alongside them in the journey, because Jesus said his followers would be known for their love. And they are stronger together.

“Finding people with shared common interests and vision, and when you’re on mission together, and shoulder to shoulder, those relationships are valuable,” says Duane Duim, a wealth management firm partner.

Duane and his wife, Julie, are Visionaries—part of a group of World Vision supporters who strive to help transform the lives of children, families, and communities in the name of Christ, recognizing that in doing so their own lives are also transformed. Visionaries are dedicated to making a significant impact to help save every last one from extreme poverty within our lifetime.

In the last 20 years, the number of children dying from preventable causes—from hunger, poverty, and disease—has nearly halved, going from almost 29,000 a day to under 15,000. The number of people living in extreme poverty, on less than $1.90 a day, has dropped by nearly 1 billion.

World Vision is making important strides in helping the world end extreme poverty. In just five years, together we impacted the lives of over 200 million vulnerable children by tackling the root causes of poverty. Every 60 seconds, a family gets water, a hungry child is fed, and a family gets the tools to overcome poverty.

Becoming a Visionary offers you opportunities to connect with a like-minded community to deepen your understanding of challenges facing children around the world and World Vision’s strategic impact.Ending extreme poverty within our lifetime is a bold vision. Are you ready to put your faith into action to help turn it into a reality?

Below are stories about six of our Visionary members. See what has drawn them to World Vision and why they felt led to make significant investments in this work. 

LaCombe_small-1   Courtney-and-Jason-Howard_small-1   Duane-and-Julie-Duim_small-1

Adele, Kevin & Isaiah LaCombe



Courtney and Jason Howard



Julie and Duane Duim


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Connie and Gary Yeagle



Liza and Byron Hing



Carly and Nate Roberts