World Changer Profile:  Linda and Barry Rowan

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Rowan Family

Linda and Barry are members of World Vision's National Leadership Council. This is their story.

When their sons were seventeen and nineteen years-old, Linda and Barry Rowan organized a family meeting. Purposing to walk more intentionally with the poor, as a family, the Rowans identified the criteria that were most important to them.

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A Journey to Success

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Gladys picking peppers 

Every morning, Gladys wakes up and runs into the kitchen for breakfast. Her mother, Olga Campos (37) prepares her a healthy meal; Soy milk, green tortillas made out of vegetables, eggs and beans. Gladys who is 4 and half years old looks very healthy and happy. They all live in the community of Santa Ifigenia in Honduras. “Thanks to the recipes I learn from the World Vision project, ‘Common pot’, I saved my daughter’s life,” Olga says very proudly. A few years ago Gladys use to suffer from anemia, she almost died. Her father Jaime Coto use to work at other people’s farm, making a daily income of $6. This was not enough to properly feed his family. “We struggle for a long time with money, my daughter was very sick and it was hard for me to afford Ramon and Ana Julissa, my other 2 children ́s education,” Jamie recalls.  

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'Together, we are part of something big'

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Diego’s life revolved around his gang member friends, who gave him a sense of belonging that he didn’t find with his family. Despite living on the streets and being constantly high on drugs, somehow he managed to continue in school— which is where he met Pastor Alberto, who was using the training he’d received from World Vision to teach youth in schools about values.

Something about Pastor Alberto drew him in. Although Diego (pictured right) knew that the life he was living did not reflect any of the values the pastor was teaching, he volunteered to assist with the classes. And he felt something change in his heart. 

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World Changer Profile: Scott and Tracy Brunjes

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Scott and Tracy Brunjes are members of World Vision's National Leadership Council. This is their story.

When Scott and Tracy Brunjes visited Myanmar, in Southeast Asia, they noticed that a local community gripped by poverty had a very modern school. Curious, they discovered the school had been funded by a French corporation.

Recognizing opportunity, Scott mused to his wife, “Wouldn’t it be great if we could do something with my company, and our foundation, to adopt a village like this?”

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