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Believing in the promise of “immeasurably more”

Written by Caroline Mosey on Nov 22, 2023 8:00:00 AM

Portrait of a young teenage girl in Rwanda.

Merci, 13, no longer walks hours for water each day. With a water tap close to home, she’s now excelling in school and plans to become a doctor in the future.

While 2023 brought hope and transformation to so many children and families, it also brought unthinkable pain and suffering to others: conflict, extreme weather, rising costs, and hunger. It isn’t hard to see the trouble in the world today — it’s almost everywhere you look. But we’re not losing heart! We never will. Because we’ve seen hardships overcome by the power of God’s love, working through the generosity of His people … working through partners like you.

A milestone celebration

When World Vision president Edgar Sandoval Sr. visited Rwanda in May, he stood among a crowd of thousands, cheering and chanting the words “One million!” over and over. Why? Because that’s how many people now have access to clean water. This is a country where residents — mostly young girls — once spent a large portion of their day walking long distances to collect water.

This was the story of Merci, a 13-year-old girl Edgar met during his trip. Merci had been walking hours to and from the nearest water source to retrieve water for her family, waiting in long lines and missing time in the classroom. She shared with Edgar that she’d fallen behind in school due to the time away, performing at the bottom of her class.

Today, Merci has a new water tap close to her family’s home. Those long walks are not her story anymore — praise God! Because she has time to focus on school, she’s now second in her class and has dreams of becoming a doctor someday. All she needed was someone to come alongside her and help remove the barriers to her success, which she’s now free to pursue all on her own. How fortunate we are to be part of this story, helping create conditions for bright children like Merci to live into their God-given potential.

In Rwanda, a man smiles and stands behind a water tap, dispensing water into a container that a teenage girl is holding.

Edgar and Merci, 13, filling a jerrycan with clean water together.

Imagining a different kind of world

It’s stories like Merci’s that galvanize our faith and reflect the heart of God, “who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine” (Ephesians 3:20, NIV). Together with our partners, we’re asking for and imagining a world free from extreme poverty.

May we never grow weary in this work.

May we always celebrate the stories of “immeasurably more” that God allows us to enter, witness, and proclaim.

An opportunity to spread hope

As we approach the season of Jesus’ birth, we remember together God’s heart for the world He loves, coming to live among us and bring hope amid the hardship. This Christmas, please consider making a year-end gift that spreads hope — one that can grow in impact for the children and families we’re privileged to serve.

Your gift to the World Vision Fund will help ensure families get the long-term resources they need. You'll be helping empower entire communities to lift themselves out of poverty and helping ensure children have the opportunity to realize their God given potential.

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