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Everyone deserves access to essential healthcare.


World Vision has a proven approach to save lives.

World Vision has a proven track record of effectively improving healthcare by delivering clean water access, handwashing facilities, and infection prevention training to health centers while equipping and training community health workers to prevent and treat diseases in hard-to-reach communities.

2030 GOAL

Upgrade 3,000 health facilities globally with clean water, including strengthening the health system in every health facility, everywhere we work in Zambia, Niger, and Rwanda.

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The need

1.8 billion people are at greater risk of infections because their health center does not have clean water, adequate sanitation, or handwashing facilities.

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  • In the areas where World Vision works, half the health clinics don’t have clean water and 5 out of 6 don’t have basic handwashing facilities. Many mothers are required to bring their own water to wash themselves and their newborns after giving birth and infections can spread under these conditions.

  • One in six patients in the developing world gets an infection at their health center, and such infections are responsible for up to half the deaths of babies. While the miracle of birth should be a joyous occasion, too often it becomes a death sentence for mother or baby.

  • 830 women die every day from preventable causes associated with pregnancy and childbirth.

Our response

We can save the lives of 1 million mothers and babies every year. World Vision serves the most vulnerable families around the world by supporting more than 184,000 community health workers in 46 countries and thousands of health-focused community groups—more than any other nongovernmental organization—who are trained and equipped to deliver healthcare services to their communities.
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  • Prevention: We empower women with vital health knowledge and support so they and their children are less likely to be affected by malnutrition, disease, and sickness in the first place. 

  • Clinic upgrades: We fill gaps at rural clinics — access to clean water, equipment, supplies, medicine, and staff training — so workers have a better chance of successfully treating patients.

  • Community Health Workers: We equip and train local community health workers to extend healthcare from local clinics into communities. They empower women with vital health knowledge and support so they and their children are healthier; these health heroes can address many common and preventable causes of death including diarrhea, pneumonia, malnutrition, and malaria.

Our impact

World Vision reaches more health centers with clean water, handwashing facilities, infection prevention protocols, and training of healthcare workers than any other nongovernmental organization (NGO). World Vision reached 2,000 health facilities serving an estimated 18 million people between 2019 and 2023.

With your partnership, see the impact we’re making:

53 rural healthcare facilities

53 rural healthcare facilities were upgraded water sanitation and hygiene and training of health personel and community health workers in 2023.

89% of malnourished children
89% of the severely malnourished children we treated made a full recovery. In the last 12 years we have successfully treated over 2 million children suffering from malnutrition, saving over 100,000 lives.
6x more children

6x more children diagnosed with malaria in our Zambia project area were taken to the appropriate care provider.


Video gallery

See the people and places whose lives are being transformed in the name of Jesus Christ. Watch videos to learn more about our work.

Our partners

We are blessed to partner with hundreds of Christian philanthropists and couldn’t do this work without them. And we’re able to reach more people because of our highly collaborative local and global partnerships within private and public sectors.


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Dr. Anne Klamar

Dr. Anne Klamar

donor partner, Ohio

"The things that most impressed us was the breadth, depth, and interconnectedness of World Vision's health programs."

Laura Abernathy_SI page

Laura Abernathy

donor partner, Georgia (with her husband Robert)

“I visited several health clinic that were without electricity. And then I was able to go back three years later and see the difference – see a facility with clean water, electricity and solar power.”