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Women & Girls

Every woman and girl has a right to reach her full potential.

World Vision intentionally focuses on women and girls in all aspects of our work.

World Vision believes ending extreme poverty is possible. But it won’t happen as long as half the people in the world are held back. As a leader in gender equality for decades, World Vision integrates a gender lens into everything we do because we know that when women and girls gain equal access and opportunity, children are better cared for, families are stronger, and communities are more prosperous.

2030 GOAL

Join us now, as we begin our 2030 plan to equip and empower 150 million women and girls to reach their full potential.

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About World Vision’s Strong Women Strong World®

In 2012, World Vision’s Strong Women Strong World (SWSW) was established to equip and empower women philanthropists and advocates in mobilizing our collective power — in support of World Vision’s mission — to partner with families and communities worldwide, especially women and girls, in breaking the cycle of poverty. We are committed to coming together to help women and girls to live life in all its fullness by creating a connection for women and men worldwide who recognize that gender equality is key to lasting social change, providing voice and resources to end extreme poverty and gender injustice.

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The need

Women and girls in poverty face more obstacles simply because they were born female, obstacles that keep them from reaching their full potential.  

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  • The global water crisis hits girls and women the hardest. In fact, they spend an estimated 200 million hours hauling water every day – hours they can’t spend getting an education, learning a skill, or earning an income.

  • Women face more barriers to accessing technology, credit, financial services, and economic opportunity. Globally, 740 million women do not have access to financial services.
  • Girls are hurt by harmful cultural norms and traditions, including child marriage and early pregnancy. Every year, 12 million girls are married before the age of 18. That's 22 girls every minute.

  • At least 200 million women and girls worldwide have endured female genital mutilation (FGM). That's more than the entire female population of the United States.

Our response

World Vision intentionally focuses on women and girls in every aspect of our work because we know that when women and girls reach their full potential, everyone wins.
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We do this by:
  • Bringing clean water close to home, which frees up precious hours for women and girls. And menstrual hygiene management programs to help girls stay in school.

  • Equipping and empowering women economically by increasing their knowledge, business and farming skills, financial literacy, leadership opportunities, and access to financial services, and incomes.

  • Freeing girls from child marriage and female genital mutilation (FGM) by empowering and equipping families with realistic alternatives to the bride-price economy.

Our impact

As a reflection of God’s love for men and women, World Vision has been a leader in gender equality work for decades. It’s integrated into everything we do because when women and girls gain equal access and opportunity, children are better cared for, families are stronger, and communities are more prosperous.

Together with our donor partners, we are making a significant impact in the lives of women and girls globally, empowering them to overcome the unique obstacles they face. We exceed our last goal of empowering 30 million women and girls to live safer, healthier, and more productive lives — reaching 30.1 million — and now we’re aiming to reach 150 million more by 2030.
Here is the progress we have made together towards our audacious new eight-year goal:
11.8M women and girls reached

11,801,328 women and girls were reached through World Vision's projects across all sectors and countries.

1.6M reached with clean water
1,600,478 women and girls gained access to clean water close to home, significantly reducing the time they spend walking and hauling water.
912K empowered economically

912,031 women and girls have benefited from access to financial services, savings groups, agricultural training, technology, and markets.


Video gallery

See the people and places whose lives are being transformed in the name of Jesus Christ. Watch videos to learn more about our work.

Our partners

We are blessed to partner with hundreds of philanthropists and advocates and couldn’t do this work without them. And we’re able to reach more people because of our highly collaborative local and global partnerships within private and public sectors.

Global Impact
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Sherrie Woodring

donor partner, Virginia

"I trust that my partnership with World Vision makes a difference in the lives of girls and women."

Dana Dornsife

Dana Dornsife

donor partner, California

“The quickest way to empower a woman is to make sure she has clean water. And then, she can soar.”


Sherree Funk

donor partner, Pennsylvania

"Nothing compares with seeing a child drink clean water for the first time. The sparkle in her eyes tells you her life just changed for the better, and you are never the same."


Strong Women Strong World


How you can help?

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Every $1 given to Strong Women Strong World will be matched with a $1 donation to programs that empower women and girls, thanks to our generous SWSW partner, Clean Water Here.

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