Helping the Church be the Church

[fa icon="calendar'] Sep 22, 2020 1:24:13 PM / by Lyné Brown posted in Emergency Relief, WV, NLC, World Changers

KNBR Covid-19 Fundraiser


Lyné Brown is a member of World Vision's National Leadership Council.

When my husband Pat heard World Vision was doing an emergency relief effort in the US to help those hurt
financially by COVID-19, he got an idea. What if Giving In Motion, the nonprofit he cofounded, could inspire a Bay Area radio station to do a campaign to raise funds benefitting folks right in our own backyard? Giving in Motion was specifically set up to provide funds to World Vision for water in Africa but had previously partnered with local radio station KNBR to raise support for California fire victims. After many conference calls and planning sessions, Pat persuaded the popular sports radio station to choose Giving In Motion to be their local charity partner to raise money for COVID-19 hunger relief.

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So much to cry about these days

[fa icon="calendar'] Jul 17, 2020 8:14:38 AM / by Sherree Funk posted in WV, NLC, Devotional, COVID-19


There is so much to lament in our world today – a global pandemic, economic downturn, social/political/racial tensions. We face our own humanity and mortality on a daily basis. We know of people with serious health issues and we fear for them this deadly spreading virus. We know people who have lost jobs. We know those who suffer from isolation, anxiety, and depression.

We feel the malaise in our own souls as well. The unknown is becoming greater than the known. We cannot predict our schedules, our safety, our health. Trips have been cancelled indefinitely. Jobs are virtual and virtual feels distant. School for our children is not something we can count on. The experts disagree on so many things, and we don’t know what we don’t know.

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A cup of cold water

[fa icon="calendar'] Mar 26, 2020 5:49:04 PM / by Sherree Funk posted in Water, WV, NLC, Devotional


And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones who is my disciple, truly I tell you, that person will certainly not lose their reward.
Matthew 10:42


For a hike in the mountains, we always take water.  The Mad Creek Trail in Colorado is a lovely, well maintained trail, mostly level, and partly in shade.  There are no large loose rocks to turn your ankles, no rivers to cross.  Wildlife are rarely seen mid-day when most people make the hike, and we saw only healthy dogs of all shapes and breeds bounding along with their owners.  We walked a total of four and a half miles in almost three hours, exhausting our out-of-shape bodies.

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God hears their cries

[fa icon="calendar'] Dec 9, 2019 7:49:42 AM / by Sherree Funk posted in Child Protection, WV, NLC, Devotional


God hears the cries of children.  When Jesus said, “Let the children come to me,” (Matthew 19:14) he was speaking for God, who desires all of us, no matter how small, to go to him when we are sinking, in trouble, in distress. 

In our world today, more than 151 million children ages 5 to 17 are subject to exploitation by adults who profit from their work, who cannot see a way out of the poverty trap.  Sadly, often it is parents who see no option but to offer up their children for a small amount of money.  The children have no choice in the matter.  They have nowhere to turn.

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World Changer Profile: Sandra Drury

[fa icon="calendar'] Nov 26, 2019 9:36:01 AM / by Margot Starbuck posted in WV, NLC, World Changers


Sandra Drury is a member of World Vision's National Leadership Council. This is her story.

When Sandra Drury traveled to Tanzania with World Vision in 2015, her heart was ignited by something she learned there for the first time. Sandra discovered the biblically based Empowered Worldview (EWV) approach to the alleviation of poverty, and a passion inside her was unleashed.


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World Changer Profile: Cyndi and Mark Bluhm

[fa icon="calendar'] Oct 30, 2019 3:14:54 PM / by Margot Starbuck posted in WV, NLC, World Changers


Cyndi and Mark Bluhm are members of World Vision's National Leadership Council. This is their story.

Mark Bluhm gave his wife, Cyndi, one of the best gifts she’s ever received. And you might not guess what it was.

Knowing that since childhood his bride has had a heart for those in need, Mark Bluhm gave his wife the “gift” of sponsoring a child in Swaziland, named Ntsetselelo, through World Vision. A few years later, a friend challenged Cyndi to run a half-marathon with Team World Vision to bring clean water to Ntsetselelo’s community. And although she doesn’t consider herself a runner, Cyndi rose to the challenge! When Mark “nudged” many of his executive friends to support the run, the couple raised over $6,000 for water in Mhlosheni, Swaziland.

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World Changer Profile: Glenn and Carole Daves

[fa icon="calendar'] Oct 8, 2019 9:15:01 AM / by Margot Starbuck posted in WV, NLC, World Changers


Glenn and Carole Daves are members of World Vision's National Leadership Council. This is their story.

Although Glenn and Carole Daves didn’t set out with a mission to care for the poor, they each made a decision that would eventually lead them there: they committed themselves to following Jesus. Glenn came to know Christ in high school, and Carole became a follower of Jesus in college. Together they committed themselves to pursue what Jesus wants to do in this world. Shortly after they were married, twenty-nine years ago, the couple understood enough of Jesus’ concern for the poor that they began sponsoring a child through World Vision.

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World Changer Profile: Joe and Amy Wu

[fa icon="calendar'] Oct 8, 2019 8:37:42 AM / by Margot Starbuck posted in WV, NLC, World Changers


Joe and Amy Wu are members of World Vision's National Leadership Council. This is their story.

Like many immigrants from Taiwan in the 1970s and 1980s, the families of Joe and Amy Wu left behind social networks and established careers to migrate to the United States for their children to access greater educational opportunities. Joe and Amy were both raised in Southern California, in a suburb near Pasadena—Joe since age ten, and Amy since age eight. They eventually met at church while playing music together on the worship team, Joe leading on voice and guitar and Amy on piano. Thirty-plus years later, they still serve together on the worship team at their local church!

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World Changer Profile:  Carl and Carol Wall

[fa icon="calendar'] May 2, 2019 4:11:56 PM / by Margot Starbuck posted in NLC, World Changers

wallsCarl and Carol are members of World Vision's National Leadership Council. This is their story.

In the first forty years of their marriage—that’s now lasted over half-a-century—Carl and Carol Wall channeled their charitable Christian giving through their church, the Christian college they’d both attended, and one of their church denomination’s seminaries. All worthy choices! But when Carol began serving on the local YWCA board, near their home in in Fargo, North Dakota, the couple was moved in a new direction as the needs of women and children needing shelter from domestic abuse began to tug at Carol’s heart.

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World Changer Profile:  Ed and Sherri Torres

[fa icon="calendar'] Apr 25, 2019 1:08:16 PM / by Margot Starbuck posted in NLC, World Changers

Ed Sherri

Ed and Sherri are members of World Vision's National Leadership Council. This is their story.

Between them, Ed and Sherri Torres have experience serving on dozens of boards, both businesses and nonprofits. So, the couple understands, intimately, the operational side of organizations like World Vision.

But about two years ago, the Torres family purposed to deepen their impact even further. As part of that process, they sought wisdom from the Holy Spirit for the answer to one question, “What is it that You are asking us to do with the limited amount of money that we have to put to work for Your kingdom?”

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