Our vision
for every child, life in all
it’s fullness.
Our prayer
for every heart, the will to
make it so.

What we do together

Set sustainable change in motion and help impact millions for God’s kingdom.

Millions of children are trapped in a never-ending cycle of poverty. With no way to break free, they face seemingly insurmountable barriers to a brighter future.

Yet lasting change is possible. We’ve seen it in new wells gushing with clean water. In rising

 literacy rates. In jobs created and sustained. Millions of people now have better health, more opportunities, and a brighter future for their families - all thanks to our donors, partners and God’s provision.


Every 60 second, a family gets wate
Together, we: 

Serve all people, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender, as demonstration of God's unconditional love.

Support the well-being of families here at home, in some of our nations most underserved communities, where poverty in high and opportunities are limited. 

Respond quickly when disaster strikes - providing immediate support and staying to help children, families, and communities rebuild for the future.

Advocate with local and national governments for changes in policies, systems, structures, practices, and attitudes that adversely affect vulnerable children and families.

Empower communities to set their goals, and equip them to sustain progress long after we’ve left.

How we work with communities

When World Vision begins work in a community, we start by praying, listening, and building relationships, earning the right to be heard. We plan and serve alongside local leaders and families, and partner with churches wherever they exist. In this way, the community takes ownership in finding sustainable solutions for their children’s futures. Our work in a community typically lasts for 10 to 20 years, until families are thriving, and our assistance is no longer needed.

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