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Let the little children come to me

Written by World Vision Staff on Apr 14, 2022 3:06:56 PM

Praying child in Africa

As Easter approaches, you can share the hope we have in Jesus in some of the toughest places. Together, we can shine the light of God’s presence to vulnerable children and families. Right now we’re at a tipping point in shaping the future for millions of children through our Christian Discipleship programs. We’re seeking to impact the current generation, their children, their grandchildren, and beyond.

Here’s the God-sized goal we’d love you to prayerfully consider joining : Engage 15 million children, youth, and adults to draw closer to Jesus and grow in an active faith. We’re focused on 14 countries across Africa, Asia, and Central America over five years, from 2022 to 2026. And thanks to a generous donor, your gift to the Christian Discipleship Fund will be matched.

Guided by Jesus’ words in Matthew 19:14, we want children to explore and deepen their relationship with Him. How do we do it? The same way Jesus did, by uniting with a close group of friends. And so, we equip and partner with churches, Christian ministries, parents, and other caregivers in an effort to let children come to know Jesus.

But how do we encourage children in their faith in a way that meets them where they are? We desire all children and families to overcome the stumbling blocks that hinder them from fully experiencing God’s love, so strengthening churches is key. We support churches in revitalizing children’s ministries and equip families on biblical parenting to help create safe and loving homes for children. 

Our prayer is that every child will experience the love of Jesus and pursue a relationship with Him. It’s even more amazing when that child begins to spread the good news of Jesus Christ to others!

Success looks a lot like Jonalyn in the Philippines

A teenage girl in the Philippines sits in her church, holding her Bible and smiling.

"I believe God uses me to reach out to the youth, to use His words to change them. I am deeply moved by His Spirit. I want other children or youth to feel the same thing." —Jonalyn, 16, sponsored girl in the Philippines

Jonalyn, 16, is a sponsored child who loves being active in her church's youth ministry and in World Vision’s spiritual nurture program. Discipleship is important to her. "I believe God uses me to reach out to the youth, to use His words to change them,” she says. “I am deeply moved by His Spirit. I want other children or youth to feel the same thing."

When she was younger, Jonalyn took part in devotions shared at World Vision activities. “Every time we had children's activities, we start[ed] with a prayer and devotion, which is similar to what we do in our church, studying the words of God. It is through these activities that I started to have that feeling of wanting to know more about Jesus.”

She also started sharing about God with other youth that she’d meet at various World Vision events. "I remember one time, there was this girl who opened up to me about her family problem. I prayed to God that night, thanking Him for His trust to me to encourage other people with His words. I know He trusted me to listen to this girl's problems."

Jonalyn’s focus now is on sharing her faith with her family. “I only have to work on my father, make him open his heart to God. It may not be soon, but I know he will. I'm seeing some changes in him lately, like he's not drinking anymore. I have full trust in God that He will help me change him.” 

Like Jonalyn, God’s inviting all of us to know Him more and join Him in changing lives — and sharing His hope with others. Will you join us in our Christian Discipleship Signature Initiative work with a gift today? Your gift can help send children to church-based Bible camps, giving them meaningful experiences where they can have fun and hear about God’s love in ways that are relevant to them.

Your gift to the Christian Discipleship Fund will be matched up to $65,000 to provide training, resources, and support that help children learn and grow in their relationship with Jesus. That means every $1 you give = $2 in impact. This Easter, please join with us to help equip a generation of children to pursue an active faith in Jesus!


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