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Choose hope that LASTS this Christmas

Written by World Vision Staff on Dec 11, 2020 12:05:38 PM

Many people’s favorite Christmas tradition is reading about Jesus’ birth in Luke’s Gospel. It has it all: angels appearing to awestruck shepherds, ancient prophecies fulfilled, new parents praising the Lord. Plus the greatest plot twist of all: God stepping into humanity in the form of a child.

God’s faithfulness is the core of the Christmas story — and all other Bible stories. For Christ’s followers today, it’s our story, too. Especially in difficult times. That’s been 2021 for many of us. The pandemic claimed more lives. Conflict inflicted suffering in Ethiopia, Syria, Afghanistan, and Yemen. COVID-19 worsened hunger in East Africa. Disasters hit Central America, Haiti, and the U.S.

Our World Vision U.S. President and CEO, Edgar Sandoval Sr., loves the worship song from Maverick City Music, “The Story I’ll Tell,” because it captures how darkness can deepen our doubts, but how the light ultimately prevails. “Oh, but I know/ That down through the years/ I’ll look on this moment and see Your hand on it/ And know You were here.” That’s the story we should tell. God’s faithfulness. His protection of our staff. His hand on this work. And His faithfulness through people like you who reach out to others with His love.


Impact today and tomorrow with change that lasts

So as 2021 closes and Christmas is upon us, would you consider making a year-end gift to the World Vision Fund? Together, we can show God’s compassion during times of immeasurable distress to the people who need it the most.

You’ll be helping neighbors near and far, empowering them to lift themselves out of poverty, and providing comprehensive solutions like clean water, healthcare, education, and access to financial services. Your gift also tackles injustice to protect children, brings aid when disasters strike, and equips families to stand proudly on their own. And because we are able to leverage gifts from many sources, each dollar donated results in more than one dollar’s worth of help for children and families.


A sponsored child’s family brings hope to us with their prayers

Edgar Sandoval Sr. and his wife, Leiza, were thrilled this summer to videochat with Wuilmer, one of their sponsored children, and his family in Guatemala.


It was bittersweet. Wuilmer’s dad recently died in an accident and Hurricane Eta had destroyed their roof. Yet there were smiles. Wuilmer showed them cherished items from World Vision — a backpack and a soccer ball — and his mom talked about World Vision’s work in their community. They were especially touched when Wuilmer’s grandmother prayed for them. She praised the Lord for His blessings, including Leiza and Edgar. What a great reminder that we can all be signs of God’s faithfulness!

The story of this time is still being written, but it can be a story about God’s people choosing hope over darkness. Together we can look back and proclaim that Jesus — Emmanuel, God with us — was there! May your Christmas be filled with many more reminders of God’s faithfulness.

Make a Year-End Gift


Important year-end giving opportunities

Careful planning with your tax advisor may allow you to do more for others and improve your financial position for the 2021 tax year.

Contact a World Vision Representative at 1-800-426-5753 to discuss any of the following opportunities:

  • Cash Gifts under the CARES Act extended for 2021
  • Appreciated Securities
  • IRA Charitable Rollover
  • Donor Advised Funds (DAFs)
  • Cryptocurrency