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Thirst Quenching; Water and Spiritual Nourishment For Children

Written by Samuel Gamusa on Sep 2, 2019 1:12:00 PM

Victor (left) with a friend from Bible club

“There was a spiritual vacuum that existed among the pupils that needed to be filled.” That was the sentiment of Luke Masika (49), a primary school teacher and leader of the Bible club at Kyanganga Primary School, in Machakos County, Kenya. He is nostalgic about the genesis of the Bible club. “We started partnering with World Vision in 2013, under the spiritual nurture program and our work was to nurture spiritual talents among the children.” Luke remembers that before the program began, students were reluctant to pray, read the Bible or attend Sunday School.

Luke and other Bible club leaders underwent training. “These trainings helped me to learn so many things about the spiritual well-being of children as well as ourselves as leaders. As a club teacher, I needed to be spiritual, to enable me to transfer the same to my pupils and fellow teachers,” said Luke

Victor uses a hand washing station at his school

The trainings were part of World Vision Kenya’s Christian Discipleship program called “Transforming Church for Trans-formed Community” (TCTC). The training allowed pastors, Sunday School and Bible club teachers to enhance their skills and improve spiritual nurture of children. The TCTC program also provided Bibles and Christian curriculum for the schools involved.

Luke says, “We have witnessed lots of spiritual development among our pupils, they know how to read the Bible, sing praise songs, pray for themselves and others. Furthermore, they know how to testify of God’s goodness in their lives.” Duncan Mutinda (13), a grade 7 student and sponsored child says, “I have been transformed by being a member of the Bible club. I Victor (left) with a friend from Bible club know how to read the Bible, how to memorize Bible verses and now I attend Sunday School more regularly as I have a reason too, and not just a routine anymore,” Luke adds, “This spiritual transformation has been noted by parents… They are happy with the positive improvements in their children.” He adds that, “Parents confess to us that some of their children who never used to go for Sunday School now do attend and participate in them. They are turning out to be role models to their peers.”

They see God’s blessings through other World Vision programs. “God has answered the prayers of the school and community over the last five years.” added Luke. “All the 180 pupils enjoy clean tap water in their school compound,” he said. The school received four storage tanks for rain harvesting, eight latrines and several hand washing facilities to improve their hygiene and sanitation. Many pupils are enrolled in World Vision Kenya’s sponsorship program.

“We thank World Vision. We no longer drink dirty water from the dams and shallow ponds. We enjoy clean tap water from the school. World Vision has also provided hand washing facilities and storage tanks to our school to ensure we have enough water throughout the year,” added Victor Kisilu (12),

Luke is confident that the future of the community is bright as they are rising up a younger generation who fear God and have excellent morals.