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[fa icon="calendar'] Sep 22, 2020 1:24:13 PM / by Lyné Brown posted in Emergency Relief, WV, NLC, World Changers

KNBR Covid-19 Fundraiser


Lyné Brown is a member of World Vision's National Leadership Council.

When my husband Pat heard World Vision was doing an emergency relief effort in the US to help those hurt
financially by COVID-19, he got an idea. What if Giving In Motion, the nonprofit he cofounded, could inspire a Bay Area radio station to do a campaign to raise funds benefitting folks right in our own backyard? Giving in Motion was specifically set up to provide funds to World Vision for water in Africa but had previously partnered with local radio station KNBR to raise support for California fire victims. After many conference calls and planning sessions, Pat persuaded the popular sports radio station to choose Giving In Motion to be their local charity partner to raise money for COVID-19 hunger relief.

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COVID-19 Aftershocks - Economic tsunami hits the poorest

[fa icon="calendar'] Jul 17, 2020 12:35:12 PM / by Christopher Shore posted in Child Protection, Economic Empowerment, Emergency Relief, WV, COVID-19


On July 7, 2020, World Vision released a major report called Out of Time. World Vision gathered field-level data from 24 countries. We surveyed 14,000 households in Asia, over 2,400 small business owners across Africa, and more than 360 Venezuelan migrants across Latin America.

World Vision's assessments show that COVID-19 is already affecting parents' and caregivers' ability to meet the needs of their children. Our assessment confirms that projections made by the UN and other global agencies about the impact of the pandemic on the extreme poor are already happening.

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Cyclone Idai - Celina's story

[fa icon="calendar'] Apr 3, 2019 6:53:56 PM / by Carey Ellis posted in Emergency Relief, WV, Mozambique


Celina, 14, remembers the night Cyclone Idai struck her city of Beira in Mozambique as one of terror. “I was scared and confused. I have never heard anything like that. The wind was so strong. The electrical wires on the poles in the road started sparking. A eucalyptus tree fell onto our neighbor’s house and then hit ours and then the roof was blown away,” she said.  “We live by the seafront and the waves came into the house and took everything away.”

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World Humanitarian Day:  An aid worker’s diary from a refugee camp

[fa icon="calendar'] Aug 17, 2018 9:49:22 AM / by Chris Huber posted in Emergency Relief, Bangladesh, WV, International Day


World Humanitarian Day, celebrated every year on Aug. 19, is a global celebration of people helping people. Elsie Gomes, a longtime World Vision Bangladesh staff member, deployed earlier this year to Cox’s Bazar in southeast Bangladesh to help with the Myanmar refugee crisis response. Here is her perspective on her time working with refugees in the camps.

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World Refugee Day: Bringing hope to the world's hardest places

[fa icon="calendar'] Jun 14, 2018 5:23:38 PM / by Kathryn Reid posted in Emergency Relief, WV, Refugee Crisis, International Day

Abdul and his two sons are leaving Balukhali Refugee Camp in Bangladesh after spending a long odious night in the tent filled with rainwater.

Around the world, 65.6 million people — 1 of every 113 people on the planet — have been forcibly displaced, either in their own country or across borders as refugees. That’s almost as many people as the combined populations of California and Texas, the most populous states in the U.S.

On World Refugee Day, June 20, World Vision recognizes the responsibility we have as Christians to care for people in need. As a child-focused organization, World Vision is strongly committed to serving refugees, more than half of whom worldwide are children. Humanitarian crises always deliver the heaviest blows to the poorest — especially children — in the most underdeveloped, unstable parts of the world. Our faith calls us to reach out to God’s children in need, to protect lives, restore dignity, and renew hope.

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World Changer Profile: Michelle Brouhard

[fa icon="calendar'] Mar 14, 2018 5:19:09 PM / by Margot Starbuck posted in Economic Empowerment, Emergency Relief, WV, NLC, World Changers


Michelle Brouhard is a member of World Vision's National Leadership Council. This is her story.

A few years ago, Michelle Brouhard, who lives in New York City, worked through a Bible study on Nehemiah. As she did, she prayed for a heart that would be broken by that which breaks the heart of God. That vulnerable and dangerous prayer was, for Michelle, the beginning of an exciting adventure with God.

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Huffington Post: ‘Christmas’ Comes to a Refugee Tent

[fa icon="calendar'] Dec 20, 2017 5:56:00 PM / by Richard Stearns posted in Syria, Emergency Relief, Impact Stories, WV, Refugee Crisis

christmas_syria.jpgI’m a sucker for a touching Christmas story. Here’s one that’s as good as anything you’ll see on the Hallmark Channel. Set in the wretched conditions of a refugee settlement, it’s a story about love, joy, peace – and a man named Christmas.

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Hurricane Maria: Facts. FAQs, and how to help

[fa icon="calendar'] Oct 5, 2017 1:18:24 AM / by Heather Klinger posted in Emergency Relief, WV, US, Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria damagePuerto Rico is devastated and struggling to recover after Hurricane Maria pummeled the territory Sept. 20 as a Category 4 storm. Most of the island is still without power as food and water supplies get low, generators run out of fuel, flights in and out are extremely limited, hospitals are damaged, temporary housing is in shortage, and people struggle to access their bank accounts.

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Hurricane Harvey: What to know and how you can help

[fa icon="calendar'] Aug 28, 2017 12:28:50 PM / by Chris Huber posted in Emergency Relief, WV, US

Hurricane Harvey damageHurricane Harvey made landfall in south-central Texas late Friday night. It threatened millions of residents with 130-mph winds, heavy rains, and a massive storm surge that swamped coastal areas. Here’s what you need to know so far.

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East Africa in Crisis:  An urgent message from Rich Stearns

[fa icon="calendar'] Jun 23, 2017 2:55:36 AM / by Kari Costanza posted in Emergency Relief, Kenya, East Africa Children's Crisis, Rich Stearns

This is a videotaped message from World Vision President Rich Stearns, who had just returned from a trip to northern Kenya, where families are on the brink of disaster.

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