Water Impact Stories Honduras

We Have Everything

Written by Nadia Castro on Apr 20, 2019 10:57:00 AM


 The morning sun shines on a small house at the end of a rocky road. The green lawn and beautiful pink flowers surround the home of Mr. Eliseo Mendez and his sister Maria Patricia Mendez. They have lived in La Panila, Honduras, for over 12 years and only recently received water at their house. Eliseo is a teacher at the same local school where he attended as a little boy. He remembers growing up without access to water at their house. “We would wake up early and walk 20 minutes to a well in the mountain, gather the water with our buckets and then walk back down. Somedays we would walk up to four times,” says Eliseo.

During the summer it was harder, since the water would run slower and sometimes run out. All of his neighbors would be at the same well as Eliseo waited for their small share. Eliseo and his sister would use this well water to cook and drink, and they would go down to a creek to wash clothes, take showers and get water to clean the house.

A few years ago children would drink unsafe water and miss school because they were recovering from diarrhea or stomach diseases. Many of them suffered from malnourishment because of the water situation. The bathrooms at the school were closed since there was no water to keep them clean.

With water now available, Maria is able to wash clothes at home. 

World Vision met with the La Panila community leaders and started working together to make a change. The community organized and started working on a water project. World Vision provided technical support and building materials for a new water tank. The project took seven months to finish and seven communities benefited from this water project. Thanks to World Vision’s support and training in Sanitation and Hygiene, the people of La Panlia have better health and diseases have been reduced.

Eleseo can see the difference that clean water makes for his students. “Today at school we feel happy that we have everything.”

Eliseo and Maria Patricia are grateful to have water at their home. They now have the time and the water that they need for their garden. “Without this water project we wouldn’t have the opportunity to grow and care for this home plot,” said Eliseo. They have enough for their pigs and chicken. Eliseo enjoys keeping his bike washed and spotless. As for Maria, she enjoys being able to cook any time of the day and now has a mini market at her house.