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Building the next Christian generation

Written by Mesrach Ayele, World Vision Ethiopia on Dec 21, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Building the Next Generation (1)
Fetlework with several of her Sunday school students. 

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“I know what these kids were missing because I have been in their position,” says Fetlework. “During my time as a Sunday school student, we had the smallest kid from age three to the oldest at 14. We all sat in one classroom and most of the things said, I don’t remember. Me and my friends never liked that,” Fetlework said

Pastor Getnet remembers too, “Full Gospel Church had a Sunday school service however it was practiced differently. Parents used to bring their children and drop them into one large classroom where all of the kids used to sit. They only had one teacher assigned and whenever the teacher missed church we let them join the congregation since we had no other option.” 

Full Gospel Church is now partnering with World Vision in the Boset Area Program. Since the partnership began, the church has witnessed a change in the growing service.  

Fetlework Temesgen (26) is a mother of Abenezer (7) and baby Rediet (5 months). She serves full time at the church and is responsible for the children ministry. Including Fetlework, there are 10 Sunday school teachers who have been trained on how to care for children and teach them about the Bible. The new programs are aimed to catch the kids’ attention. The children go to church on Saturday mornings for songs and playing games. On Sunday mornings, they listen to Bible stories, study verses and perform dramas with each other. Time passes quickly and before they know it, their parents arrive to take them home.  

Building the Next Generation (2)
Fetlework holding her baby Rediet

“We teach them in a way that they will never forget what they are told,” said Fetlework. “Thanks to World Vision, we use different age appropriate teaching materials. I study these materials, incorporate all the skills I have learned from the training and teach them from my heart. These kids are beyond my imagination,” she says. “They are confident and I sometimes find them trying to challenge me. This encourages me. I can see the fruit of my lessons and I get very happy. I feel like I have contributed a lot in shaping the next generation,” Fetlework says. 

Fetlework grew up in this church. She knows the practice more than anyone. She knows the before and after very well,” says Pastor Getnet. “I admire her closeness to the kids. It seems like she knows what they want and fills the gap. She is like a mother and big sister to all of them. She transmits her message easily,” he says. “Now that she is responsible to teaching the kids between the age of 7 and 11, I am seeing a lot of change in their behavior as well as their knowledge.” Pastor Getnet concludes saying, “This gives me the opportunity to thank World Vision because, had it not been for their support we wouldn’t have achieved any of this. I believe together we are able to impact the young generation.”