Our Team of Experts
World Vision is staffed by dedicated and passionate people with a great depth of knowledge and experience. The success of our programs is achieved through the efforts of experts like those listed below in conjunction with our field workers.
Dr. Greg Allgood
Vice President for Water
Shelby Benson
Vice President, PQI
Kathryn Compton
Chief Development Officer, Strong Women Strong World
Mona Davies
Senior Program Manager, Food Security and Livelihoods
Christy Fellner
Director, Child Protection & Education, PQI
Mike Greer
Senior Program Manager
Cherry S. Marcelo
Program Management Officer, Christian Witness
Seth Marcus
Senior Health Program Manager
Adrian Merryman
Chief Development & Impact Investment Officer
Dr. Jacqueline Ogega
Director, Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI)
Torrey Olsen
Senior Director for Christian Witness
Alisa Phillips
Senior Education Advisor
Jennifer Salcido
Program Manager
Christopher Shore
Chief Development Officer, Economic Empowerment
Mark Smith
Senior Director, Humanitarian and Emergency Affairs
Matthew Stephens
Senior Technical Advisor - Child Protection
Kerina Zvobgo
Program Manager
Kristi Gleason - Director, Child Protection & Education

Kristi Gleason

Director, Child Protection & Education