Cherry S. Marcelo
Program Management Officer, Christian Witness / Faith and Development For Asia, Southern
Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean

Cherry has been part of World Vision since she was six years old - starting as a WV sponsored child in an urban poor community in the Philippines.

In 2002, she first joined World Vision Philippines as a researcher and trainer for its Institute for Transformational Development. In this role, she authored six books that featured people's journey to transformation through World Vision’s work on Children's Participation, Child-Friendly Spaces, Peacebuilding, Disaster Management, Microfinance, and Community Development.

In her nine years with WV Philippines, she has served in different teams including leadership roles in Strategy Management, Operations, Program Quality, Child Protection and Holistic Child Development. 

In 2011 to 2015, she was part of World Vision’s Asia Pacific Regional Team as the Specialist for Faith and Development in Programs and Spiritual Nurture of Children. She has helped establish platforms for continuous program improvement, learning, and sharing among 16 World Vision National Offices in Asia on key aspects of the organization’s Christian Commitments which are: Interfaith Engagement, Church Partnership, Faith and Development Integration, and the equipping of staff as Christian development practitioners. She has also contributed to WV’s programming on Spiritual Nurture of Children and faith-based partnerships in view of Asia’s religious and cultural diversity and sensitivities.

She has over 18 years of experience in development work focused on promoting the holistic development of children and the integration of faith perspectives in development work through World Vision. Currently, she oversees World Vision’s “Faith and Development” programs in Asia, Southern Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Areas of expertise
  • Spiritual Nurture of Children in different religious and cultural contexts
  • Integration of Faith Perspectives in Programs
  • Faith-Based Partnerships
  • Program Management (including Design, Monitoring, and Evaluation)
  • Strategy Management
  • Child Protection (including Children in Emergencies)

Cherry finished her Bachelor of Science in Social Work (BSSW) Magna cum Laude and Valedictorian of her class from the University of the Philippines, College of Social Work and Community Development. In her continuing journey for higher learning, Cherry started the Masters of Arts in Developmental Psychology program in the same university. 


These are books authored by Cherry and published by World Vision in the Philippines:

Children’s Participation in Transformational Development (Documentation of the Eastern Visayas Experience on Children’s Participation in Community Development)

The Dawning of a New Day (Documentation of the Community-Based Disaster Preparedness Project in Antique)

Hope and A Future (A book about the Community Economic Ventures, a microfinance institution, and how Christian principles can be integrated in managing a microfinance institution for the entrepreneurial poor).

Strengthening Bridges, Transforming Communities (Documentation of community experiences and lessons learned on the use of “Local Capacities for Peace” a conflict sensitivity / Peacebuilding tool that guides programming). 

Learning Guide for Strengthening Bridges, Transforming Communities. 

Claiming the Promise (Documentation of the Palanca Land and Housing Project in Davao City, Philippines)


Cherry Marcelo