Planned Giving

We all share a shining vision: a world where children can grow up free of poverty and full of promise. But future funding commitments are critical to achieve this goal and address the challenges facing tomorrow’s children. If a legacy like this is on your heart, we can help you plan your giving so your philanthropy lasts for years to come—reflecting Christ’s agape love to the world.


Through a planned gift you can invest in life-transforming blessings for children in need, which can grow over time while also achieving your own ultimate financial goals. A planned gift is very specifically structured and has enormous flexibility: Part of the gift goes to charity, but it can also provide income to you or your family or be used to transfer wealth.


Many supporters have told us that the benefits of planned giving go further than they imagined. What might yours accomplish? Through planned giving, you can

  • Make gifts you never realized you could
  • Make larger gifts than you ever thought possible
  • Have flexibility on gift timing and size, with the entire gift recognized now
  • Leverage non-cash assets while protecting your family’s future security
  • Mentor your family in philanthropy
  • Make a gift while transferring wealth to the next generation
  • Support both World Vision and other organizations about which you care deeply

Hear some of our key partners share why they chose to include World Vision in their legacy gift planning.

Strategic Philanthropy

The variety of ways to invest in World Vision programs allows you to take a strategic focus. For example, you may want to provide water in rural Africa, catalyze women’s economic empowerment through microfinance in Myanmar, educate children in Honduras, or support our commitment to Christian discipleship in the Philippines. Whatever your passion, a planned gift can fund long-term solutions for issues you care about and are already supporting.


Some kinds of planned gifts can help you build up your assets with an eye toward increasing and focusing the impact of a future gift. World Vision’s investment management team is experienced and dedicated to serving both you and the world’s vulnerable children. A planned gift can help you:

  • Avoid taxes—securing significant savings that put more cash in your pocket or toward gifts
  • Increase your portfolio through strong asset allocation management of your fund or trust

Learn more

Visit our Planned Giving website to learn more and take advantage of free planning tools.

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