Independent Study – At a Glance: Impact of THRIVE
World Vision Staff May 5, 2022 3:17:24 PM

As an organization committed to stewardship, World Vision commissioned an industry-leading researcher, TANGO International, to evaluate the performance and impact of its proprietary livelihoods model, Transforming...

2021 Annual Report - Empowering Women and Girls
World Vision Staff May 4, 2022 12:59:08 PM

Thanks to your partnership with World Vision over the past six years, more than 15 million women and girls can live stronger, safer, and more productive lives. And every single one of them has a name and a story, like...

Strong Women Strong World Overview
World Vision Staff May 14, 2021 2:29:45 PM

World Vision has been a leader in gender equality work for decades. It’s integrated into everything we do, because we know that when women and girls gain equal access and opportunity, everyone wins.

2020 Annual Report - Empowering Women and Girls
World Vision Staff Mar 29, 2021 11:31:59 AM

Progress Report: Fiscal Year 2020

(April 1, 2020 to September 30, 2020)

Thanks to you, in the last four and a half years, more than 8.5 million women and girls have benefited from programs that are enabling them to live...

Gender Equality and Social Inclusion
World Vision Staff Aug 6, 2020 8:11:25 PM

This document presents World Vision’s Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) approach and theory of change. GESI is integral to achieving World Vision’s “Our Promise” global strategy and child wellbeing objectives.