Christian philanthropists like you are helping to end extreme poverty.

Christian philanthropists like you are helping to end extreme poverty.

Through the grace of God, and the generosity of our donors, we have exceeded our goal for the Every Last One campaign. Click here to read more. 


Join us now as we embark on an unprecedented call to empower 300 million people* with life, hope, and a future by 2030 - in the name of Jesus Christ.Join us now as we embark on an unprecedented call to empower 300 million people with life, hope and a future by 2030 - in the name of Jesus Christ.
* Because of World Vision’s multi-sector approach, some people will participate in more than one program.


Every human being needs and deserves access to clean water and essential healthcare.


When we’re afraid, in danger, feeling lost, or at the end of our rope, we all need a glimmer of hope. Without it, a better future seems out of reach.


If we’re healthy and hopeful but lack economic opportunity and education, making a decent living is nearly impossible.

Women and Girls. Gender equality is ingrained into everything we do because God wants all His children to reach their full potential.

Join us in the call to empower children and families to lift themselves out of poverty in the name of Jesus Christ.

What our donors say

Transformation travels both ways. We’re a community coming together and responding to God’s call on our lives. The lessons learned walking with the people we serve have been rich and life-changing. Our donors have also been transformed by this journey, growing closer to the heart of God. Read 5 of their stories below:

Liza and Byron Hing


Liza and Byron Hing met as interns in the State Department, and they fell in love partly because of their passion for international development and their shared desire to empower…

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Cody Nath


Cody Nath, 37, can’t remember a time growing up when his family didn’t have World Vision sponsored children — often two or three at a time. Then at age 14, he traveled with his father…

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Courtney and Jason Howard


World Vision became an integral part of the Howard family because of the many opportunities parents Courtney and Jason found to model generosity to their two children, ages 7 years and 16 months.

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Laura and Robert Abernathy


Laura and Robert Abernathy had no idea what God had in store for them when their neighborhood Bible study read The Hole in Our Gospel by World Vision U.S. President Emeritus Rich Stearns.

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Adele and Kevin LaCombe


For the LaCombe family, World Vision offers the opportunity to change lives for the better together, in a way that impacts each individual and speaks to their heart.

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Why World Vision?


Christ is at the center of our work.

We follow Jesus’ example to care for those in greatest need among us. Our focus is on helping the most vulnerable children overcome poverty and experience fullness of life.


Community empowering.

We empower communities to own their development outcomes by working closely with local leaders and community members.


We scale your impact.

With over 70 years of experience and expert staff in nearly 100 countries, we have the infrastructure, experience, and relationships needed to bring about lasting change.

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Your giving is leveraged.

We're able to leverage gifts from many sources - cash donations, sponsorship gifts, corporate gifts-in-kind, and public grants - to maximize the impact to reach even more children and families. And because every gift builds on another gift, each dollar donated results in more than one dollar's worth of help for kids and families.

We have philanthropy representatives who would be delighted to connect with you to share more about how to get involved with World Vision.

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