Alert: East Africa Flooding

    Please join our compassionate pursuit to restore hope, security and dignity to families impacted by devastating floods.
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    Rain is universally thought to be life-giving. In a drought-stricken East Africa region, rain is usually greeted with singing and dancing. Recently however, heavy rains and Tropical Storm Sagar have instead brought destruction to lives, homes, and livelihoods in East Africa. The numbers impacted are staggering

    • 2 million people affected
    • 700,000 people displaced and forced to find shelter, food, and water
    • Thousands of homes, schools, health care centers and water systems have been damaged and destroyed
    • Livestock have died and crops have been washed away

    How can you help?

    With your generous donation, World Vision can continue to provide the following assistance in Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia. (Read the detailed response plan.)

    • Shelter and non-food items: 73,000 people targeted with essential relief items
    • Education and protection: 32,450 children targeted with education activities and support; 16,000 people targeted with protection assistance
    • Health and nutrition: 108,542 people targeted with health services, 63,150 children and women targeted with nutrition assistance
    • Clean water, sanitation and hygiene: 163,797 people targeted with access to clean water, along with sanitation and hygiene services
    • Livelihood support: 93,750 people targeted in programs to help families earn income. Cash based programming will also be provided

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