Alert: East Africa Children's Crisis

    Children are facing fierce challenges to their ability to thrive—and for too many—to simply survive. Flooding, drought and civil unrest have created a vicious cycle that is putting the future of millions at risk, and more than half are children.

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    Rain is universally thought to be life-giving. In a drought-stricken East Africa region, rain is usually greeted with singing and dancing. Recently however, heavy rains and Tropical Storm Sagar have instead brought destruction to lives, homes, and livelihoods in East Africa. The numbers impacted are staggering

    • 2 million people affected
    • 700,000 people displaced and forced to find shelter, food, and water
    • Thousands of homes, schools, health care centers and water systems have been damaged and destroyed
    • Livestock have died and crops have been washed away

    In every natural disaster, children are the most vulnerable. Please watch this video and see what this means for children in East Africa.



    How can you help the children of East Africa?

    With your generous donation, World Vision can continue to provide the following assistance:

    Economic EmpowermentProvide life-saving food and emergency supplies, such as shelter materials, cooking kits, and blankets to families struggling to survive.

    Mother and Child HealthTreat severe and moderate malnutrition in young children and nursing and pregnant women.

    Emergency ReliefAssist families in maintaining their livelihoods by providing seeds to replant crops, vaccinations for livestock, water solutions for crops and livestock, and agricultural training.

    WaterImprove access to safe water drinking water in areas struggling with chronic drought and in camps where displaced families are seeking refuge after losing their homes or running from violence.

    Mother and Child HealthProvide healthcare that reduces suffering and controls the spread of illnesses including cholera, malaria, and diarrhea.

    Child ProtectionHelp communities protect children from harm by creating safe spaces for them to play and learn, providing counseling to children who have experienced abuse or trauma, and creating community committees that promote and defend the rights of children.

    EducationMinimize the disruption in children’s education by rehabilitating schools, providing school supplies, and creating informal education opportunities.

    Christian DiscipleshipMobilize faith and community leaders to facilitate peace-building in families and between communities, and act upon injustices against children.

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