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Monthly Newsletter: October 2019


World Vision is delighted to send you our Executive Briefing for Economic Empowerment. You are an integral part of our work to end extreme poverty by 2030, so we want to keep you updated on our progress!

In this issue, you will find:

  • International Day of the Girl
  • The story of Grace: a woman of economic influence
  • Vision Trips available to you
  • Prayer Requests

Christopher Shore


International Day of the Girl October 11

image003You can make a powerful difference in the life of a girl. Millions of girls are forced into child marriage. Made to walk hours carrying water.  Kept out of school. Subjected to sex trafficking and dangerous child labor.  Poverty and abuse are robbing girls of opportunities and choices. But there’s something you can do that will change the trajectory of her life.

In recognition of International Day of the Girl, let’s get 1,000 girls sponsored.  Between October 11th and 26th, when you sign up to be #chosen by a girl as her sponsor, you’ll put the power to choose in her hands. 

Learn more about World Vision’s work to enable girls and women to reach their full potential.

Grace: a woman of economic influence 

Grace 1

Story by Paul Nkhata, WV Malawi

Lack of economic independence is one of the plights of many African women, especially in rural areas. Traditionally, men are the bread winners and often have sole decision-making power in the home. This was true of Grace Njikho of Kamphalo village in Chikwina-Mpamba Area Program in Malawi. Married over 31 years and a mother of 5 children, she depended on her husband for everything. She never engaged in any form of business to gain income or supplement what her husband earned. For her, being married meant the husband had to shoulder total responsibility for everything. “Before the THRIVE Project, I could hardly think of engaging in any form of micro enterprise for additional income for our household. I thought my husband was there to provide everything for the home,” said Grace. Grace had to plead with her husband for even the smallest household items, including essentials like salt and matches. “With no other source of income, women are reduced to beggars in the home and community. I used to beg for everything from my husband and neighbors. This really contributed to my loss of respect among fellow women,” lamented Grace.

Things started changing for Grace with the implementation of the Trans-forming Household Resilience in Vulnerable Environments (THRIVE) project, which was aimed at economic empowerment of women and other members in the community. Through the project interventions, she formed the Msaliranji (meaning: why lag behind) Savings Group with other women in her village. Seeing the gains from the first cycle, Grace decided to do more and to diversify her economic ventures. She started growing rice and other crops such as cassava. Consumed with the zeal to diversify, she planted bananas. This last growing season she planted 88 new banana plants which show significant promise. Last year she earned about $700 USD, far more than she has ever had before. She used part of the money for house-hold improvements and reinvested the rest.

Grace 2Interacting with Grace, it is clear that she, together with her family, is going through a tremendous transformation. Through her small-scale businesses she is able to provide support for her family. “I no longer have to depend on the income from my husband. I am able to raise some good income from business ventures and supplement my husband’s efforts on improving our household. We are now able to have three good meals in a day which was not the case before,” says Grace. As a family, they are now able to comfortably support their children. Grace and her family have managed to build a brick house with iron sheets for the roof, cemented floors and wiring for electricity. They bought a 30x15m plot at Mpamba trading center, where they plan to build a house for rent. Grace is determined to be a woman of economic influence in her area. “I thank World Vision and the THRIVE Project for opening my eyes, that I could reach this far,” says Grace with a glittering smile.

Oh what a week....

South Sudan mama and baby smiling D363-0106-12This week kicks off six internationally recognized days that all tie into our Economic Empowerment work.  Click the links to see how we are making an impact.

October 11 kicks off with International Day of the Girl, when we are trying to get 1,000 girls sponsors.

October 12 we celebrate National Farmer's Day.

October 13 is International Day for Disaster Reduction.

October 15 is International Day of Rural Women.

October 16 is World Food Day.

October 17 is International Day for the Eradication of Poverty.

Upcoming Calendar Events

  • Vision Trips (please contact your World Vision representative about participating):
    • Malawi (November 10-16, 2019) Join us in Malawi to see the great work happening there to improve livelihoods.
    • Zambia (November 18-22, 2019) Join us in Zambia to see the great work happening there to improve livelihoods.
    • Honduras (January 13-18, 2020) Join us in Honduras to see the great work happening there to improve livelihoods.
    • Rwanda (April 27 - May 1, 2020) Join us in Rwanda to see the great Women's Empowerment Fund work happening there and how VisionFund is helping shape the future of women. 
  • SEEP Annual Conference (October 21-23, 2019) - Virginia REGISTER HERE
  • Strong Women Strong World (December 6, 2019) - New York REGISTER HERE
  • Honduras National Director Jorge Galeano Regional Tour (January 27-31, 2020) - California
  • Florida Summit (February 6-8, 2020) - Naples, FL
  • Every Last One Conference (March 6-7, 2020) - Dallas, TX REGISTER HERE



  • Praise for the successful launch of the new Chosen campaign for sponsorship.
  • Praise for a great fiscal year for fundraising and the anticipation of an even better coming fiscal year!


  • Pray for the Day of the Girl activities to bring awareness and action on behalf of girls all over the world to have life in all its fullness.
  • Pray for new and existing donors to join us in our Economic Empowerment work in this new fiscal year with a fresh excitement for what God is doing!
  • Pray for the ongoing health & treatment of both Cory Trenda and Christopher Shore as they battle colon cancer.
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