2019 Perspective Newsletter

2019 Semiannual Report - Global Update

2019 Semiannual Report - Christian Discipleship

2019 Semiannual Report - Water

2019 Semiannual Report - Africa Water

2019 Semiannual Report - Mother and Child Health

2019 Semiannual Report - Economic Empowerment

2019 Semiannual Report - Women's Empowerment Fund

2019 Semiannual Report - Child Protection

2019 Semiannual Report - Education

2019 Semiannual Report - Emergency Relief

2019 Semiannual Report - Empowering Women and Girls

Strengthening school-community accountability for girls' education

2018 Annual Report - Global Update

2018 Annual Report - Christian Discipleship

2018 Annual Report - Water

2018 Annual Report - Africa Water

2018 Annual Report - Mother and Child Health

2018 Annual Report - BabyWASH International Fund

2018 Annual Report - Economic Empowerment

2018 Annual Report - Women's Empowerment Fund

2018 Annual Report - Child Protection

2018 Annual Report - Education

2018 Annual Report - Emergency Relief

2018 Report - East Africa Children's Crisis

2018 Annual Report - Empowering Women & Girls

2018 Annual Report - Strong Women Strong World

2018 Perspective Newsletter

2018 Semiannual Report - Global Update

2018 Semiannual Report - Christian Discipleship

2018 Semiannual Report - Water

2018 Semiannual Report - Mother and Child Health

2018 Semiannual Report - Economic Empowerment

2018 Semiannual Report - Child Protection

2018 Semiannual Report - Education

2018 Semiannual Report - Emergency Relief

2017 Annual Report - Global Update

2017 Annual Report - Strong Women Strong World

2017 Annual Report - Empowering Women and Girls

From Exclusion to Embrace: Bible Studies in Interfaith Engagement

Breaking the Chains of Poverty with Empowered Worldview

2017 Annual Report - Nyamagabe Water and Economic Empowerment

Education Signature Initiative Overview

Christian Discipleship Signature Initiative Overview

Women and Water Management

World Vision and The Water Institute at UNC: Collaboration

2017 Annual Report - Christian Discipleship

2017 Annual Report - Water

2017 Annual Report - Water (Africa)

2017 Annual Report - Mother and Child Health

2017 Annual Report - Economic Empowerment

2017 Annual Report - Child Protection

2017 Annual Report - Education

2017 Annual Report - Emergency Relief

2016 Annual Report - Global Update

2017 Semiannual Report - Education

2016 Annual Report - Child Protection

2016 Annual Report - Christian Discipleship

2016 Annual Report - Economic Empowerment

2016 Annual Report - Emergency Relief

Mother and Child Health - World Vision's Commitment and Approach

2016 Annual Report - Water (Africa)

2016 Annual Report - Mother and Child Health

Our response to the 2013 Typhoon Haiyan

2016 Nepal Earthquake Report

World Vision's THRIVE model

Channels of Hope: Gender

Navigating Culture and Gender: Learning from Local Gender Advocates

Gender Equality Study

Stamping Out and Preventing Gender Based Violence (STOP GBV) in Zambia

Innovation Fund Overview

World Vision's Approach to Community Engagement for Sustainable Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Projects

Clean Water - World Vision's Commitment and Approach

Sustainable Water Services Delivery Project: Description of Findings

LIFE Project in Georgia: Helping children living and working on the streets

Preventing Trafficking in Persons Through Sustainable Livelihood Recovery project

Cambodian Child Labor Elimination Project Impact

Evaluation of Child Friendly Spaces

Understanding the Syria crisis

Japan earthquake and tsunami: One year anniversary report

Three years on: Haiti earthquake response

Ethiopians Fighting Against Child Exploitation (E-FACE) report

Case study: Sak Plen REP (Full Sack Resiliency Enhancement Program)

Role of an international non-governmental organisation in strengthening health systems in fragile-state context: Evaluation results from South Sudan

Lessons from two Child Survival and Health Grants Program projects on integrated Community Case Management (iCCM)

Mobile technology strengthens behavior change communication and referrals by Community Health Workers for maternal, newborn, and child health in rural Afghanistan

Microfinance and OVC households: A report on baseline data for impact assessment of PRISMA

Field Guide: Integrating extremely poor producers into markets

Impact Assessment Report: Raising the Incomes of Smallholder Farmers in the Central Highlands of Angola

Improving the food security of the extremely poor by linking them to markets

Meeting in the middle: Linking market development and livelihood support for a more integrated approach

Progress on Sanitation and Drinking Water: 2015 Update and MDG Assessment

Understanding handpump sustainability: Determinants of rural water source functionality in the Greater Afram Plains region of Ghana

Evaluation Report for the Church Partnership for Child Well-Being

Practicing Faith: Engaging faith leaders for better maternal health