Life Income GIFT Opportunities

Receive income for life and transform children's lives.


Charitable Gift Annuity

Receive secure, reliable, fixed payments for life for you and/or a spouse when you make a gift of cash or stock.  Part of your payments are received tax-free for a period of years. Payment rates are based on the age of the income beneficiaries at the time of your gift, and currently can be as high as 9 percent. 

Charitable Remainder Unitrust

Transfer cash, securities, or other appreciated property into a charitable trust. You and/or the individuals you choose receive income for life or a term of years. Payments vary with income earned. You can realize a variety of tax savings and have significant flexibility in funding the trust and designating the number of income beneficiaries.

Pooled Income Fund

Donate cash or stock to a fund pooled with gifts from other donors.  The fund issues you units, like a mutual fund, and pays you income based on the rate of return and the percentage of your units in the fund.  Payments vary with income earned.

Your benefits can include:

  • securing a reliable income stream
  • converting non-income producing assets into an attractive income stream
  • increasing income from under-performing stocks or CDs
  • supplementing your retirement income
  • providing income to a spouse, parent, or other loved one
  • receiving a variety of tax benefits including capital gains tax savings on donated appreciated assets

...  later, your gift is used to help children and communities around the world.

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Planning Matters
What, when, and how you give makes a difference to both you and the children we serve.