ESTATE PLAN GIFT Opportunities

Continue transforming communities around the world – even after your lifetime.



Will or Living Trust

Simply name World Vision as a beneficiary of your will or living trust to ensure your investment in the Lord’s work continues long into the future. You can choose to leave a percentage or specific amount.


Retirement Assets

If you want to include World Vision in your estate plan, using retirement assets is a tax-wise way to do so. When you name World Vision as a beneficiary, your gift will not be taxed, so the full value can be used to help communities around the world.  You can limit unnecessary tax bills for your heirs by naming them as beneficiaries of other assets.


Life Insurance Policies

Another way to increase your future impact is to name World Vision as a full or partial beneficiary of your life insurance policy.  It is a simple and powerful way to help children and families reach their God-given potential.

Each of the above options allows you to:

  • plan a meaningful future gift that costs you nothing now
  • maintain control of your assets during your lifetime
  • retain the flexibility to change your designations if your wishes or situation change
  • leave a legacy and statement about what is important to you

To learn more or request sample bequest language, contact your personal representative, call 1.800.426.5753, or email

Please note: If you name World Vision as a beneficiary, please let us know so we can understand how you would like your gift used.  You can select an area of ministry that is close to your heart or specify that it is used where most needed.

Planning Matters
What, when, and how you give makes a difference to both you and the children we serve.