Bringing health and hope to Rohingya refugee families

    The exodus of Rohingya children, women, and men fleeing violence in Myanmar’s Rakhine state has brought nearly one million people to Bangladesh since 2017.  These families are living in what are considered the world’s largest and most congested refugee settlements. Conditions are exacerbated by the fact that the district of Cox’s Bazar—where most refugees have settled—is one of the poorest areas in Bangladesh.

    World Vision US President, Edgar Sandoval Sr, visited Cox's Bazar in January 2020. As you will see in the videos below, he experienced both the difficult life in the refugee camps as well as cutting-edge work by World Vision to respond to the food security needs of this vulnerable community. 

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    World Vision's Response

    World Vision’s work in and around Cox’s Bazar serves more than 400,000 of those living in 23 of the 27 camps, as well as another 168,000 local residents.

    • World Vision recently became the World Food Program’s largest partner. Our food assistance reached more than 247,400 people.
    • Our cash-for-work projects have improved infrastructure throughout the camps, preventing loss of life during the monsoons.
    • We partnered with UNICEF to launch an informal education initiative and we opened the Peace Center, a large, multipurpose safe space for women.
    • Our maternal and child nutrition centers reported no malnutrition deaths among children under 5 in the past year.
    • Water, sanitation, and hygiene projects are creating healthier living conditions.

    Personal Story

    Listen to Kari Costanza, World Vision Storyteller, share her personal story of visiting the Rohingya refugee camps that caused her to say this, “As a stoic Scandinavian, I’ve only cried twice on assignments for World Vision over the past 25 years. This was one of them.”

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    Challenge Accepted

    Recently, two donors and friends of World Vision traveled to Cox’s Bazar. They saw vital, lifesaving work that needs immediate funding to continue. Because they were so moved by what they saw, they generously donated $500,000 with a challenge for us to raise an additional $500,000 from our faithful donor community. Thanks to their generosity, we are on our way to continued funding for these projects, but we need more donors like you to join them. Please visit the link below to contribute to this urgent need.

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    Finding beauty and hope in one of the world’s most fragile places 
    Photos by Jon Warren, World Vision’s award-winning photographer

    Videos and photos from Cox's Bazar

    Former World Vision sponsored child, Atul Mrong, Senior Leader for World Vision’s Rohingya Response, takes you through a refugee camp in Bangladesh near Cox’s Bazar. He and World Vision are impacting lives and serving those in need every day, especially the most vulnerable – children.


    Discover how a World Vision community kitchen in a Bangladesh Rohingya refugee camp is so special: as a cooking place, gathering spot and a way to empower women and families.


    The Rohingya refugee camps typically only have 10 ft x 10 ft or 10 sq meters per person. The UN recommends that refugee camps have a minimum of 45 sq meters per person. This video takes a quirky look at what a space that tiny looks like in reality and compares life here to life in a refugee camp. 

    Safety anywhere is important, but in a refugee camp it’s essential and a reality that women face. Hear how solar-powered lamps in front of the latrines allow women to feel safe going there at night.

    Learn more about how World Vision responds within 24 to 72 hours from when a disaster strikes, anywhere around the world.

    Prayer Requests

    • Social support: Pray that refugee mothers will find neighbors and other women to share with whom to share their day-to-day struggles.
    • Pray for speedy permissions from the authorities for more durable structures in the camps ahead of the next monsoon season (starts May 2020).
    • Pray that the hearts of adolescents, parents, and community leaders would be moved to promote peaceful coexistence between the newly arrived refugees and vulnerable Bangladeshi host families living side by side .
    • Pray for funding needs in 2020 to be fully met so that refugees will be spared from hunger, spikes in malnutrition, and disease outbreaks.
    For more information on this crisis, read our FAQ.

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    "Rohingya refugee moms are the real heroes in the camp, as they keep their children safe, care for the elderly, and make do in cramped, temporary living conditions. I'm proud of how World Vision is coming alongside these moms and their children and shining the light of Christ in this very dark, difficult corner of the world."
    - Rachel Wolff, Refugee Crisis Response Director, World Vision International


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