Turn non-cash assets into life-transforming gifts.



Appreciated Stock

Give stock that has grown in value and make taxes evaporate. You can secure a charitable deduction for the current value, eliminate capital gains tax, and help more children. Some use this option to diversify their stock portfolio and adjust their cost basis.


Real Estate

Donate a vacation home, rental, or commercial property to make a significant gift. In return, receive a charitable deduction, avoid capital gains tax, and eliminate maintenance and management costs on the donated property.


Business Interests

Give an interest in a closely held or family business to extend your investment in the Lord’s work around the world. You can receive a charitable deduction and save on business taxes.


Crops and Other Commodities

Help change the world without writing a check when you donate grain, apples, or other commodities. You can reduce your taxable income and receive a charitable deduction.

IRA Assets

Take advantage of the Charitable IRA Rollover opportunity if you are 70½ or older. Outright gifts from your IRA totaling up to $100,000 per year may be given tax-free to qualified charities such as World Vision. A direct distribution to charity qualifies for the required minimum distribution and reduces your taxable income.

Life Insurance Policies

Consider donating an "unneeded" policy to help make fullness of life possible for communities in need. Perhaps you own a policy originally purchased to protect your child who is now a financially independent adult. Simply make World Vision both owner and beneficiary of your paid-up policy to receive a charitable deduction and make a significant gift.


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Planning Matters
What, when, and how you give makes a difference to both you and the children we serve.